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Top 5 colognes that both men and women love!

Ashlee OV Williams
Top 5 Colognes that men women love v2
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Looking for your next fragrance? Have a look at these favourites from a former fragrance consultant!

Nothing is more memorable than smell and with the season of giving just around the corner it is the perfect time to plan with a gift that smells… good of course! Here is a list that both you and your partner will enjoy smelling for months to come!

#5 Jimmy Choo Ice EDT


Dangerously seductive and sophisticated the man who wears this sweet scent is the ultimate flirt. Launched in 2017 this fragrance is not as popular as the ones above however if you want to differ from the pack this is the cologne to go for! Lemonade heaven. Not only that but it is one of the cheaper men's colognes. If you are looking for a new spring/summer cologne I would give this one a try!



#4 Hugo Boss Man EDT


This scent is for men who want to live life on their own terms. They are original and want to live their life on the edge. It is bright, clean and strong! “The fragrance delivers an energising hit of fresh, crisp green apple, twisted with vibrant herbal aromas and the smoky, earthy scents of a wild forest”. It is a timeless classic that men and women love alike. Inoffensive and adored by masses this is a safe fragrance that anyone will enjoy!


acqua di gio

#3 Acqua Di Gio EDT


If you are wanting a fresh everyday scent, Acqua Di Gio is a smell that I never got sick of while working in fragrance for three years. It is clean, masculine and smooth. The sharp notes of spices are equally balanced out with a woody soft base. Men who purchase this are typically business professionals who smell like they've aced their presentation at work or got that sale. Not to mention that this is one of the go to colognes that women buy for their partners!


one million wallpaper 14

#2 One Million EDT


One of the most popular colognes in the world with it’s grapefruit, cinnamon and leather. If you’re wanting to smell sexy, confident and masculine this is the fragrance for you. Every woman wanting a spicy fragrance for her man would immediately buy this upon smelling it. The gold bottle alone draws you to the boldness of One Million.


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#1 Sauvage Dior EDT


Described as crisp and raw this fragrance is an absolute show stopper! With notes of bergamot, pepper and amberwood this fragrance is one that will have people stopping you in the street just to ask you what you're wearing. If this isn’t convincing enough when I was working my first fragrance job a man about to go on a date asked me to give him a fragrance the ladies love. Needless to say he came back the next day stating that this was his new lucky charm.